How to accept and embrace change

These blog articles are for Christian or non-christian who wants a deeper understanding and insight about the kingdom of God. I believe these inspired articles will shift your thinking and cultivate your spirit to know and understand your role and purpose on this earth.

It doesn’t matter how hard change might seem, if you are willing to embrace it, it will make your life a masterpiece.

As a human, one of the hardest things to accept or embrace is changes. Yet, without change, our lives would just be boring and seen as a daily routine. The main characteristic that brings about success, triumph, and the opportunities to overcome struggles is the ability to incorporate and embrace change in one’s life.

Winston Churchill said, success is not final, failure is not fatal: but it is the courage to continue that counts. It doesn’t matter what kind of changes transpire in your life, you must be willing to embrace, learn, and used those changes as an opportunity to triumph over your failure.

When an unfamiliar event occurs within most individual’s lives, they always fight against or push away from people who are present in their lives, but if they only get to the understanding that nothing lasts forever plus there is always a solution and an outcome out of every difficult situation.
The only question that they should be asking is, what are the changes needed for me to overcome this particular problem?.

It is said if the same approach is taken in solving problems then, you can always expect to get the same result. I will draw this illustration, if you have faith in God and you are not willing to change your habits or rebellion behaviors, He cannot and will not make the change for you (you have your path to contribute).

1. Assess your approach- Take a pause and look into your life of all the approach that you have taken in solving your problems, then evaluate if the outcome was a success or a failure. Try to be as optimistic as you can and seek the knowledge and the right opportunities to climb over every barrier to your success. The reason why it is hard most times to make changes is that we have become complacent with a certain lifestyle and are afraid of venturing out.

2. Build a social band- It is imperative to communicate with others while going through challenges; especially with a person who has been through similar challenges as you. Building a relationship with others helps to create in you a position mindset that is conducive to healthier psychological well-being.

3. Change your attitude- When changes and challenges confront you don’t get angry and frustrated with others or with yourself, but release those negative energy and replace them with optimism; knowing that those challenges are only temporary, better days are coming. Once you have a positive attitude believing that change doesn’t necessarily have a bad result but instead, it creates a better you.

4. You are not perfect- Remember that you are not perfect; mistakes are a part of the journey to success. If you didn’t achieve the desired result after making changes in your life, don’t give up or give in, but pursue until it is accomplished or even close to your satisfaction.

5. Get rid of the doubt- Doubt is a major change killer, the first sign of doubt that percolates itself within your thoughts when changes are been made must be cast out. One issue most individual have in making changes is the doubt of failure- but, if he/she only believe that the desired result is achievable by making drastic changes, there is 95 percent chance that they will be successful.

6. Remain positive Throughout all the changes and challenges that each individual will have to embrace in this life, those changes will also be accompanied by worries, stress, anxiety, and frustration but, keep your composure and remain positive anticipating the success you will have in the end. I know changes can be difficult at times but, it is beautiful, joyous, and delightful at the end. So, embrace these changes because it won’t destroy you but instead, it will turn your life into a masterpiece. And most importantly put God first and his grace will enable you to make all the change that should be made.

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